SAIKYO in Japanese translates to strong/strongest. Our brands mission is to inspire you to feel strong and confident in every day life by wearing luxurious pieces that are affordable.

Perfectionists at heart and struggling to find high quality pieces without the huge price tag, our founders Emma and Charlie, partners in life & business, moved to South Australia from Sydney as a tree change to start the creative and lengthy journey to establish HOUSE OF SAIKYO. A strong brand and an even stronger community. Our founders are designers and so we are fortunate enough that every piece is able to be designed in-house here in Australia, our streetwear & jewellery pieces are hand crafted by artisans to ensure the best possible quality is delivered to you.

SAIKYO STUDIO is a sister brand to our apparel company HOUSE OF SAIKYO. SAIKYO STUDIO specialises specifically in jewellery pieces and was originated to elevate, style and complete any look, as we all know, there is a big difference between just wearing and styling our clothes. Designed to keep forever, our timeless pieces are handcrafted in thick 18K Gold and 14K Gold vermeil and feature an unmatched Freshwater Pearl Collection. Offering elegant statement pieces as well as every-day-wear jewellery each piece has been curated to be highly versatile, we want you to feel beautiful wearing these special pieces no matter the occasion.

THE SAIKYO PANTRY is our edible garnish range featuring all Australian produce. Aesthetic but make it taste great! Our range includes dehydrated fruits & florals that are naturally dried by air. Being 100% natural, gluten free, GMO-free and vegan they are the perfect guilt free addition to any beverage, charcuterie board dessert or salad. Get creative and make your next special occasion (or night in) unforgettable with our yummy edible garnishes!


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